3 Keys To Renting A Frac Tank For Industrial Liquids

10 January 2020
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If you have to store some industrial liquids for an extended period of time, you'll probably want to rent out a frac tank. These large structures can house a lot of liquids at a time. As long as you remember these tips, this rental process will go smoothly.  Figure Out Optimal Size Frac tanks come in a bevvy of sizes today. Some tanks are much larger than others, and with a bigger size comes more costs you'll have to account for. Read More 

Looking To Rent A Roll-Off Recycling Box? Three Factors You Should Consider

21 August 2019
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A roll-off recycling box is a great tool for businesses or companies who frequently have different materials to recycle. Using recycling bins may not work, as your company may have too much material for bins. A recycling box looks like a dumpster, but it has different compartments for different recyclable materials. If you are looking to rent a roll-off recycling box, here are three factors you should consider when selecting the right box for your business. Read More 

Starting A Scrap Metal Recycling Program At Your Facility? How To Avoid Problems With Pickup Services

30 April 2019
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If you have industrial scrap metal that you want to recycle, don't haul it away by yourself. Hire an industrial scrap metal pickup company to take care of the pickup for you. Most industrial recycling centers and salvage yards provide pickup service for large operations. To make sure you avoid problems for you and the salvage company, here are four steps that you should follow. Have Your Metal Separated If your site runs like most industrial operations, you have a variety of metals to be scrapped. Read More 

Moved To A New Area? Time To Figure Out How To Recycle Your Waste

26 December 2018
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If you recently moved to a new area, then it is important you figure out how recycled materials are handled in the area. While you might assume recycling of household waste products would be the same in every area of the country, unfortunately, this just isn't the case. Some towns offer curbside recycling of nearly every household waste product, while others offer no curbside service and accept only a smaller list of products at local recycling centers or landfills. Read More 

3 Tools Necessary When Recycling Scrap Metal As A Hobby

22 September 2018
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Collecting and recycling scrap metal as a side job can be lucrative and help you raise funding. Being able to recycle is also doing something positive for the environment at large so if you enjoy volunteering for causes, finding and recycling the metals can be a contribution. Regardless of the reasons you recycle scrap metal, you will need to take the same safety precautions when dealing with it. Here are some tools that you need to take with you when working on scrap metal recycling. Read More